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See what Abdul has to say about his experience with Elite Hearing Center.

When it comes to Hearing healthcare, where you decide to go is probably the most important decision you’ll make.

Meet Dr. Steinberg

Elite Hearing Center is a premiere audiology clinic serving the hearing impaired of Skokie, IL and surrounding suburbs in Chicago North Shore. Our practice offers a wide variety of audiology services including hearing test, hearing aid evaluations, hearing aid programming, hearing aid repair, custom hearing protection and more. Our friendly Audiologist, Dr. Douglas Steinberg has over 10 years of experience helping people just like you to hear better by combining research proven, evidence-based practices with advanced hearing aid solutions.

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Quality Hearing Evaluation

Experienced Doctor of Audiology

Advanced Hearing Aid Technology

Are you experiencing signs of hearing loss? The first step towards better hearing is to schedule a hearing test. At your appointment Dr. Steinberg will thoroughly test your hearing and make a recommendation for a hearing solution.

What to Expect at a Hearing Test

Experienced Doctor of Audiology

Dr. Douglas Steinberg founded Elite Hearing Center because he is passionate about helping people improve their life through better hearing. As an experienced Audiologist, he provides the best care in the Chicago area.


Advanced Hearing Technology

As a locally owned audiology practice, we offer patients the best hearing aids from top hearing aid brands.

Elite Hearing Center is not owned or franchised by any hearing aid company or audiology group. We are not limited to using any certain brands. As such we offer only the top brands that invest highly in research and development and have a proven track record of success with our patients.


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