Hearing Aids & Artificial Intelligence

Hearing Aids & Artificial Intelligence
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You may have grown up watching Science fiction movies about AI or artificial intelligence. While often these stories take place in the future or in alternate realties, in real life artificial intelligence is already all around us, helping us daily. Artificial intelligence (AI) is wide-ranging branch of computer science concerned with building smart machines capable of performing tasks the typically require human intelligence. AI is an interdisciplinary science with multiple approaches, but advancements in machine learning and deep learning are creating a paradigm shift in virtually every sector of the tech industry.

You may have heard of AI in self-driving cars, smartphones, and in smart home devices, but did you know that hearing aids are also being created with AI?

The Benefits of AI in Hearing Aids

AI has revolutionized the hearing aid industry and has brought a wide array of capabilities to the technology that helps you hear. Hearing aids built with AI can detect your environment and learn what noises you wish to focus on. For example, when seated in a noisy room like a restaurant or part with a friend or partner, hearing aids with AI can lower crowd noise and amplify the voice of the person you are trying to hear. For areas that you frequent, the hearing aid will remember your preferred settings and automatically turn them on when you enter that geo-location.

AI hearing aid features released in 2018 include step trackers, a cognitive tracker, and language translation. Soon, they will be able to detect falls. Deaths from falling are the seventh leading cause of death among older adults. When sensors in the hearing aid notice the wearer has fallen, they will automatically contact a friend or family member. Newer models of hearing aids may also connect to other smart devices so you can benefit from TV and computer streaming, doorbell notifications, Smartphone notifications, and even turn on lights when you put them in.

Livo AI

Just as the iPhone and Android forever changed what we could do with a phone, the new Livio AI will forever change how we think of and interact with our hearing aids.

With the addition of sensors and artificial intelligence for the first time ever in a hearing aid the Livio AI measures physical activity and monitors our body’s signals. This including 3D motion sensors like an accelerometer and gyroscope, Livio AI hearing aids are able to detect movement and record your steps and activity. If you believe good physical and cognitive health are critical to your overall quality of life this new AI innovation will make it easy to stay on top of both. Paired with a Smartphone app Livio AI hearing aids measure actions that are good for your brain health, like daily usage of your hearing aids, social engagement, and time spent listening actively.

Widex Evoke

The new Widex EVOKE hearing aid is designed to meet the user’s listening intention in each specific moment in real time, through a combination of automation and personalization. In EVOKE, this personalization is delivered by SoundSense Learn, a real-time machine-learning algorithm that quickly and intuitively adjusts hearing aid setting to meet the listening intent of the user. The advantage of EVOKE in noisy situations is particularly important because understanding speech in a noisy environment is a huge challenge for people with hearing loss. Even with hearing aids, hearing loss may force people to avoid situations with too much noise. And these situations are common in our busy and noisy world.

Widex new SoundSense Technology means that every time you use EVOKE hearing aids, they evolve in their function.  When you personalize your listening experience, EVOKE learns from different situations and your inputs. Widex uses anonymous data from your changes to create a better listening experience for you and the people who want to speak and interact with you. That means that the hearing aids you buy will be better tomorrow than they were today.

Elite Hearing Hearing Aids

To find out more about the newest advancements in Artificial Intelligence in hearing aids contact us at Elite Hearing Hearing Aids.  We can help discover all the benefits of AI in your hearing and fit you with the hearing aids for your needs. The future can be what ever we dream and with hearing aids this is no exception. Join the future of hearing today.